VCC’s 7-Day Fast Scripture Guidelines

VCC’s 7-Day Fast Scripture Guidelines

VCC’s 7-Day Fast Scripture Guidelines

Fasting demonstrates both to God and to ourselves that we are serious about our relationship with Him.  Fasting deepens our relationship with God and gives us a new perspective in our spiritual walk and growth.  While fasting, our focus shifts from the things of the world to the things of Jesus Christ.  During that time, we spend more time in prayer and seeking God for His will for our lives, more time reading and studying His Word, more time in praise and worship.  We are more sensitive and aligned with His ways, His will, and His desires.  The most common form of Biblical fasting is abstinence from food, and there are other ways to fast as well.  To temporarily give up anything in order to fully focus on God could also be considered a fast.  Remember, fasting changes us, not God.  It should always be done with humility and joyfulness. 

During your fast — 

  • Television, music, and reading should be Christian based 
  • Social media should be limited or refrained from completely 
  • Phone conversations should be limited to encouragement, prayer, and Godly things. 

Note: If necessary, consult your physician if you are taking medication, are on a restricted diet or have dietary concerns, or if there are other medical or physical issues of concern that may prohibit from fasting from food. 


Day 1 – Matthew 6:16-18; Psalm 35:13 

Reflection:  Fasting humbles the soul.  

Prayer Focus:  Pray that God will grant His wisdom in the timing of the church reopening process. 


Day 2 – Romans 8 

Reflection:  Jesus Christ has set me free from condemnation and empowered me by the Holy Spirit to walk in the newness of life. 

Prayer Focus:  Pray that God will grant discernment in the precautionary measures taken as we prepare for reopening. 


Day 3 – Hebrews 4 

Reflection:  Jesus Christ knows and understands our life’s issues because He has come through them.  The best person to advise and assist us on a journey is one who has travelled the same road before us.  Jesus travelled the road of life before us. 

Prayer Focus:  Pray that God will inform our timeline in the planning of gradual phases of reopening.   


Day 4 – Hebrews 11 

Reflection:  We have a heritage of faith and can look forward with hope and certainty. 

Prayer Focus:  Express confidence in God’s guidance as we move forward according to His will. 


Day 5 – Luke 17:5-10 

Reflection:  Faith is the knowledge that we approach no task of life alone.  In every situation, God is with us with all of His power. 

Prayer Focus:  Express gratitude for His presence in our lives and in our plans for regathering.  


Day 6 – Psalm 4; Mark 4:26-29 

Reflection:  Divine providence surrounds us.  Joy is ours.  We can rest and sleep, knowing that God has heard every word of our prayer. 

Prayer Focus:  Express gratitude that He has heard our prayers and concerns and for the fact that we can rest in His provision.  


Day 7 – Isaiah 58 

Reflection:  To fast sincerely with right motives, to act with kindness and mercy toward others, to love God and others, and to delight ourselves in the Lord will result in God’s comfort and blessings. 

Prayer Focus:  Pray that we love, bless, encourage, and build up one another as we prepare for in-person fellowship that glorifies Him.