Steven Burton

Marketing & Media Ministry Co-Director

Steven Burton is the co-director of the Media & Marketing Ministry at Valencia Christian Center. His passion for digital marketing and technology lead him to volunteer in the ministry. Though he has only been a member of VCC for a short time, (joining in 2018) he took the role of co-director because of his love for VCC and the teachings of Pastor Swanzi. Steven wanted to share his God-given talents with the church to further the mission of VCC.

Steven Burton designed the current VCC website. Some of his current roles within the Media & marketing Ministry are creating and implementing VCC’s digital marketing strategy, maintaining and updated the VCC website, and helping anywhere else his skills can be used.

On the personal side, Steven Burton is an entrepreneur and a Gold Record awarded songwriter. He is the Founder & CEO of PerfectTux.com. He enjoys learning new things, spending time with his family, and sports (Lakers & Cowboys).

Steven Burton resides in Santa Clarita, CA with his wife, Natasha Burton, and their two children.

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