Lori Dooley

Membership Ministry Director

Lori Dooley has been Director of the Membership Ministry since September 2018.  She has been apart of the Music Ministry since she joined the church in 2013.

Her passion is to help people find a place to belong.  She never wanted anyone to feel lost in a place filled with a lot of people. By being an only child, she’s always wanted to be a part of more.  

In the past, she has been apart of the youth sport world, having ran a track and field club with over 275 kids.  Always knowing every child and knowing every event that they were participating in.  Also  enjoying making sure that they were celebrated no matter where they were in the event.  It was important to let them know that no matter what place they placed, it was about the accomplishment because they did their best.  She also put together a girls’ basketball team because the girls that were on her daughters’ team at the YMCA wanted to stay together when they were in the 5th grade. That adventure continued for 8 years with as many as 20 – 30 girls until the girls went to college.

She acquired her BA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and an MBA also from the University of Phoenix.

 Born in Denver, Colorado she grew up living in Colorado, Arkansas, Louisiana and eventually ending in California where she has been most of her life.  Growing up as an only child of her mother and at age 19, she met her father and found out she was the oldest of 4.  She is a mother of two girls Deidra and Chantel and a mother in law to Deven Fuselier.  She is also a grandmother of two granddaughters, Amaya and MaLani.

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