Jeff Smith

Ushers Ministry Director

Jeffrey Smith is Co-Director of the Usher Ministry.  He has attended VCC since 2013 and joined Usher Ministry soon after.  He has also been in New Members Ministry with dual role in Ushering and Men’s Ministry.  He attended the Deacons class and have been Co Director of Ushers since late 2017.

His passion is simply serving God however I can.  Family, friends, fellowship, Road Biking, Hiking.

In his Professional World he is an Account Manager for 3M Medical Solutions Division.  He has been in sales/ sales leadership for most of his career in the Business to Business and Medical field for 15 plus years.  He also has a Bachelor of Science (BS ) in Psychology from Upper St. New York University.

Born in Los Angeles, California is married to Evelyn Smith, 1 daughter Summer Smith. 1 older brother Terry Smith and Father who is 95 living in Los Angeles.  Mother Betty Smith deceased.

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