Elder Ann Kendricks

Counseling Ministry Director

Elder/Pastor Ann Kendricks is Co-Director of Counseling Ministry.  She has worked with clients for over 15 years in Christian Ministry and the last 12 years in community Mental Health. Has held many positions in ministry including Senior Pastor, Teacher, Provost for School of Ministry, Chaplin, Spiritual Advisor, Marriage Family and Individual Counseling/Coach for individuals and couples and an Administrator.

She is committed and passionate about helping people step into their greatness.  A believer that her life’s journey has lead her to the calling of a Certified Life Strategies Coach. At one point in her life, she experienced insecurity. Growing up struggling with family dysfunction, marriage, parenting, obesity and a mundane existence. Through faith, salvation, spiritual growth, prayer and training, she was strengthened, empowered and able to overcome many challenges of her past. She has a Heart for all types of Ministry.

Her company is ” Amazing YOU!’ and it provides assessments, counseling, caring for people’s physical, mental, spiritual and professional needs for groups, couples, families and individuals of all ages. 

Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry (non-accredited University), received her Chaplaincy Certification 10 years ago, Licensed and Ordained by the International Pentecostal Holiness Church 16 years ago and a Rehab Specialist for parenting, anger management and life skills.  She is a Certified Life Strategies Coach. Has held the position of Assistant Director and Director of Women’s Ministry for the Golden West Conference of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church over 40 churches for a four year term.

She just celebrated 34 years of marriage with her husband, Rod and is a Mother of Two: A grown daughter Jamila and son, Miles.

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