Geraldine Sheriff Scholarship Coming September

Geraldine Sheriff Scholarship Coming September

Coming in September we will be awarding our next, Geraldine Sheriff Scholarship. We will be awarding a scholarship to a student who seeks higher learning for career purposes. Awards will be up to $1000 depending on type of program and completion date. If you have additional questions please email

Scholarship Criteria

Graduating High School Senior and/or Continuing College Student in yrs. 1-4

2.5 GPA or Greater/ Attending a 2-4 year College or University in the Fall 2023

A Copy of Transcripts Must Be Submitted with Application By August 15, 2023

An essay is also required to be submitted with the application. 

In September we will have a Geraldine Scholarship Award Gala. After the award ceremony we will have a wonderful silent auction to prepare us to support even more awards in September 2024. If you have a business that you would like to advertise and highlight by donating to our auction, please contact